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    FixedOrbit is your guide to exploring the Internet, think of us as you atlas of the Internet. Inside FixedOrbit you'll find overall statistics, metrics and tools for comparing networks to oneanother. But it doesn't stop there, with FixedOrbit detailed data you can drill down into the core of a network and see all the IP's they control and their fragmentation, who they have peering agreements with, and more! So, whether you are a network admin or comparison-shopping for network services, FixedOrbit has valuable information on every network - if it's on the Internet, it's on FixedOrbit.

Inside you will find...

KNODES® Index:
Our proprietary Knodes Index (Knowledge + Nodes) allows tracking connectivity to the Internet

Measure and compare networks, as well as identify emerging trends

Perform analysis of over 20,000 networks that make up the Internet

First time?
    We like first timers, but all the data provided on the site can be a bit overwhelming at times. In order to get the most out of the website, we recommend that you first take a moment to check out a bit more about the site, followed by reading the frequently asked questions; if other people have wondered about these things, there's a good chance you will too. If at any point you run across any terms you are unfamiliar with, make should be check out glossary.

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